Thursday, March 1, 2018

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Friday, June 17, 2016

Student Portfolios and Accessing Student Work

At any time during the school year, Burlington students have the ability to add samples of their student work to their electronic portfolios.  Especially now at the end of the year, students and teachers are reflecting back on projects, student growth and progress, accomplishments, and achievements.  Often such milestones of learning become an entry or post to a student's electronic portfolio.

It has been my pleasure to co-teach this past week along side Miss Courtney Fallon, Pine Glen Art teacher.  Together, we have met with all of our students in grades 1 through 5 and helped them post pictures of their artwork to their student portfolios.  Here are some photos of us in class during this process.  After the photos, I have created a handout explaining the steps to access a student portfolio, via Blogger, a Google app, as well as student work saved in their Google Drive, another Google app.  Please know that grade K teachers have also created posts or entries to their students' electronic portfolios as well and can be accessed following the same handout.  Enjoy.
Miss Fallon demonstrating the best way to photograph artwork
Taking pictures of our artwork
Cropping our photos
Cropping our photos
Adding pictures to the portfolio via Blogger
Our work has been published to our portfolio!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Grade 5 Book Trailers

For our final project this year, fifth graders are making book trailers for books they have read and enjoyed. Like a movie trailer, the goal of a book trailer is to create interest in a book so that other students will want to read it. The students enjoyed creating and filming their work. Mrs. Ardizzoni and Miss Carney are going to create QR codes for each trailer so that PG students can watch them in the future and get ideas and inspiration for new books to try.

Listen to Books this Summer!

If you're headed on a long car ride for your vacation, you can still read! Try an audio book with your Tales2Go account.

Click below for links from Tales2Go to try this summer!

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Pine Glen Summer Reading Check Out

Dear Parents,

Students will be allowed to check out books from the Pine Glen Library to read over the summer. Students in K may check out up to two books from the library, and students in Grades 1-5 may check out up to five books. Any grade five students who check out books from the PG Library are asked to return their books to the MSMS Learning Commons in the fall.

Before students may check out their summer books, we need to make sure their library accounts are clear of any overdue and lost materials at their last library visits this week. If you have any questions or need a list of the materials your child has checked out, please contact Miss Carney at or (781) 221-7798.

There is no obligation for any student to check out books from our library to take home for the summer, but we hope to encourage reading over our break. We also strongly encourage families to visit the Burlington Public Library and enjoy their summer reading programs.

Thank you as always for your support. Have a wonderful summer! Keep reading!

Miss Carney

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