Sunday, January 11, 2015

Elementary Research - Combining Classroom Instruction, Library, and Technology

Third graders in Mrs. Doherty's class have been busy researching their Massachusetts historical figures, an educational standard in our state.  Mrs. Doherty began the research project in her homeroom, matching students with Massachusetts figures.  Then Miss Carney, our librarian gave the class a cart full of biographies, non-fiction texts which provided students with a plethora of information.  To further support students' research, they came to the Library / Technology center at Pine Glen to have Miss Carney explain with examples, the importance of citing your sources when researching.  Next, students came to the computer lab to use the website: Britannica School Elementary,  at  and a graphic organizer provided by Mrs. Doherty, to further investigate and document facts and events.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Pine Glen's Newest Authors!

This was a very exciting week for Mrs. Lynch's 3rd grade ELA class. They became published authors in the Pine Glen Library!

The students read several variations of the classic The Three Little Pigs with Mrs. Lynch over the last several weeks. Then it was their turn to write their own version of the story.  Mrs. Ardizzoni then showed the class how to make their stories come to life using the Book Creator app, and the students wrote and illustrated their books.

Once Mrs. Lynch published the books, it was time to head down to the library, where Miss Carney explained how a book is cataloged into the library system, where there will be located in the library, and read the stories to the class. The books were great, and the students really enjoyed hearing one another's stories. Like all published authors, the students signed their first edition books! Now they will be cataloged into the system and available for circulation in the Pine Glen library.

Congratulations on a job well done! Be sure to check out these great books from our library!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Extra! Extra! Read All About It! Nonfiction Writing + Technology = Student Success

Mrs. Lynch's reading class has just finished reading, The Titanic: Lost and Found by Judy Donnelly, illustrated by Keith Kohler.  To support students' non-fiction writing, and providing students with a "Show what you know" opportunity using technology, these students became journalists for a New York newspaper at the time of the Titanic's tragedy.  During reading class students wrote their article, documenting the events of Titanic's singular voyage, and once their writing was complete they used the website: to create their newspaper article.  Using technology to engage, motivate, and support student learning was a highlight of this project.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Digital Citizenship Lessons - Rings of Responsibility

To begin the new year, our fourth grade students have been learning about being both responsible citizens within communities as well as responsible digital citizens using technology. During the lesson, students were called upon to examine and reflect on their responsibilities in both areas of citizenship.   The essential question guiding this lesson was "What kinds of responsibilities does a citizen and a digital citizen have for themselves, toward their family and friends, and toward their community?"  In these pictures, students were each given one statement on a post-it note, such as "I do not share my passwords.".  They needed to decide and discuss with a partner, where the level of responsibility of this action would be - self, family and friends, or a larger community. Students also considered how the outcomes of these scenarios could impact others.  The lesson was adapted from Common Sense Media's lesson, "Rings of Responsibility".  Their website can be found at:  Common Sense Media Education.