Monday, December 14, 2015

Miss Carney is a Mystery Reader!

I was so happy to be a guest reader in Mrs. Hoyt's Kindergarten class this morning! We read Potato Pancakes All Around by Marilyn Hirsh and talked about Hanukkah, which ended last night. The students were great listeners, and a great time was had by all. Thanks for welcoming me into your classroom, Room 103!

Friday, December 11, 2015

Hour of Code: Coding Across Grades and Devices

This week Pine Glen students began participating in the Hour of Code, a world-wide educational event where they were introduced to and practiced computer coding for one hour.  Coding is basically step-by-step logical directions that our students created to accomplish a given task.  Logical thinking is a life skill to be applied throughout a student's educational years and beyond.  Here is a look into our classrooms to see the lessons I taught and to see our students coding.  They were engaged, enthusiastic and proud of their accomplishments!

Grade 4 - Ms. Merlino's Class
Ms. Merlino's class used their ipads to access the website,  Hour of Code's Star Wars Tutorial to "build a galaxy with code".  

Grade 1 - All Classrooms
All first grade students used the Lightbot: Code Hour App, to learn how to visually program their robot to maneuver through a maze and turn blue squares yellow when landing on them.

Grade K - Mrs. Hoyt & Ms. Bennet
Our youngest student coders came to the computer lab to access the Hour of Code's Computer Science Fundamentals, Course 1 website where they learned how to piece together puzzles, using step by step thinking and then advanced to moving birds through mazes.