Sunday, November 2, 2014

Kindergarten Students Visit the Computer Lab

Our kindergarten students visited the computer lab on Friday with the purpose of gaining practice using the desktop monitor, headphones, mouse, and most importantly having fun building their "wild self."  Integrating technology terms and instruction, students navigated through the Build Your Wild Self website where they enjoyed building their human self and then adding various animals parts to their character.  They have just completed learning about the various animal families that exist and this activity was a great tie-in.  Looking at these pictures you can see students working and they have a little help from a yellow smiley face.  On each of the "mouses" in the lab, there is a yellow smiley face sticker to help our students know where to place their finger, and where to "click" in order to make their action occur on the website.  Even in the time of such technology, a little sticker from a teacher can still make a big difference.