Friday, November 14, 2014

Now That's Collaboration

Our fourth graders have been so excited this week!  They have been learning about Lady Liberty in multiple academic classes, leading up to a collaborative project, incorporating Social Studies, Art, and Technology.  Our students "became" the Statue of Liberty, standing tall against the New York skyline, embracing their slogan of freedom or right, as a US citizen.  In summary, the project starts with the Massachusetts grade 4 Social Studies curriculum taught by our fourth grade team of Ms. Sarah Hayes, Mrs. Sarah Visocchi, and Mrs. Anna Lisa Finn.  Building on that knowledge, students work with Ms. Courtney Fallon, Pine Glen art teacher, to design and create their Lady Liberty crowns.  Armed with their right or freedom written on a white board, students pose in front of our green screen, and using the app Green Screen by Do Ink, and guidance from Mrs. Michelle Ardizzoni, Instructional Technology teacher, compose a picture of themselves as the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor.  Take a look.