Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A Snapshot of Student Learning

Here's a snapshot of the technology integrated projects our students have been working on at Pine Glen.

Kindergarten students have been continuing to work on their computer coding (Hour of Code) and reading decoding skills ( as well as mouse skills.

Our second and fourth graders have begun to use Quizlet, an online resource ( as well as an app, that allows students to learn, study, and review teacher-created electronic flashcards.  I have been in students' homerooms, providing instruction that integrates this technology and our MA Social Studies curriculum. Quizlet allows students to progress at their own individual pace, with student-directed choices for their style of learning.  For example, students can choose to practice their flashcards in a traditional yet electronic format, as a matching exercise, or a student-designed test.  I created the flashcards sets below, with collaboration from the second grade teachers, and my experience as a fourth grade teacher, all for the purpose to support student learning.  Give it a try.  Learning can be highly engaging, effective, and well... fun!

Fifth graders in Ms. Lane's ELA class are working collaboratively in groups at the conclusion of their genre study.  Students are being given the opportunity to show what they know about their group's genre by using either app, Notability or Explain Everything to create their presentation.  Their presentations include text, pictures, audio, video, graphics, and citations.  Here's a look at their technology lesson, where I presented features from Notability and Explain Everything in order for the groups to choose their preferred presentation app.  The next photo shows the project in progress.  Stay tuned for the final products.

Third grade students have dedicated many hours toward researching their Massachusetts historical figures.  At the culmination of this project, students participated in a "wax museum" day where they dressed, spoke, and portrayed their historical figure for our teachers, family, and one another.  By the use of a green screen sheet, and the app, Green Screen by Do Ink I recorded students in the setting of their figure. What an exciting way to wrap up this project.