Friday, December 11, 2015

Hour of Code: Coding Across Grades and Devices

This week Pine Glen students began participating in the Hour of Code, a world-wide educational event where they were introduced to and practiced computer coding for one hour.  Coding is basically step-by-step logical directions that our students created to accomplish a given task.  Logical thinking is a life skill to be applied throughout a student's educational years and beyond.  Here is a look into our classrooms to see the lessons I taught and to see our students coding.  They were engaged, enthusiastic and proud of their accomplishments!

Grade 4 - Ms. Merlino's Class
Ms. Merlino's class used their ipads to access the website,  Hour of Code's Star Wars Tutorial to "build a galaxy with code".  

Grade 1 - All Classrooms
All first grade students used the Lightbot: Code Hour App, to learn how to visually program their robot to maneuver through a maze and turn blue squares yellow when landing on them.

Grade K - Mrs. Hoyt & Ms. Bennet
Our youngest student coders came to the computer lab to access the Hour of Code's Computer Science Fundamentals, Course 1 website where they learned how to piece together puzzles, using step by step thinking and then advanced to moving birds through mazes.