Friday, March 18, 2016

Water Cycle Videos

Wow, are students are talented both behind and in front of the camera!  Take a look at the following green screen videos, but also recognize the work going into these final publications.  In collaboration with our grade four team of Mrs. Finn, Mrs. Visocchi, and Miss Merlino as well as specialists Miss Fallon and Mrs. Ardizzoni, our fourth grade students leaned about the water cycle in a creative way.  First, students learned about the various stages in the water cycle and took that knowledge to draw appropriate backgrounds to be used during the video recording.  Miss Fallon, using a reader's theater script from Enchanted Learning, assigned roles and passages to every student.  Students reviewed and practiced their lines as performers do. Before we knew it, recording day arrived.  Mrs. Ardizzoni used the iPad app, Green Screen by DoInk along with student's own background illustrations to record their performances.  Last, using iMovie, Mrs. Ardizzoni created the final versions of the fourth grade water cycle videos below.  Super work!  Enjoy!