Thursday, June 2, 2016

Kindergarten Spring Poetry

Our kindergarten students have been discovering their five senses through stories, discussions, writing, and illustrating.  Our project began with reading the story My Five Senses by Aliki with our librarian, Miss Carney.

After reading the story, Miss Carney and Mrs. Ardizzoni helped students brainstorm and discuss their ideas of things they could see, hear, taste, touch, and smell during the season of spring.

During the next meeting, students wrote one sentence for each of the senses, beginning with the phrase, "In the spring, I" see / hear / taste / touch / smell ________________________________.

Then students used the app, Drawing Pad on their classroom iPads, to illustrate one of the sense sentences they had written.  After illustrating, Miss Carney and Mrs. Ardizzoni helped students type the sentence on their drawings and students then concluded by "autographing" their artwork.

Next, Mrs. Ardizzoni used the app, Book Creator to compile all of the students' illustrations and writing into one classroom poetry book.  Here we are, at the conclusion of the project where students got to see their final product as both an ebook and hardcopy classroom book.  Students were called up to the board when their page was displayed and they read their sentence aloud.  Congratulations kindergartners on being authors, illustrators, presenters, and increasing your digital literacy skills!

Please scroll down through the pages of Our Spring Senses Poetry Book. There are three ebooks to enjoy.